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Are you looking for a partner for 3D metrology who is familiar with a wide range of measurement tasks in industrial sectors? The sigma3D team brings together more than 20 years of measurement experience, know-how in various industries and modern mobile 3D measurement technology!

The measurement of your industrial plants, machines and products not only requires the highest precision and reliability but above all proven application competence: Be it a measure under time pressure in inaccessible areas of steel mills, the measurement of antennas at 3,500 meters altitude or the safety-relevant monitoring of aircraft production plants. Our well-rehearsed team will carry out any conceivable 3D measurement for you!

At the beginning of each project, we focus on your individual goals: After which we work out all requirements in a personal meeting and record them for the measurement. This enables our team to optimally plan all necessary measurement tasks, select the right 3D measurement technology and directly identify and solve possible problems.

The result: Fast and successful measurements on-site.
Also, we will be happy to provide you with long-term advice on creating future-oriented measuring concepts for safe and efficient manufacturing and production processes.

We would be pleased to present to you in a personal meeting all the possibilities and advantages that mobile 3D measuring technology offers for your industrial manufacturing and production!

Your advantages at a glance:

  • State-of-the-art mobile 3D measuring technology and a wide range of evaluation software
  • high-precision measurements for efficient production, manufacturing and quality assurance
  • fast and meaningful measurement data
  • On-site measurement services all over the world
  • professional measurement teams with specialized industry know-how

Adjustment of jigs and fixtures in automotive and aircraft construction

When it comes too fast and flexible solutions in the field of toolmaking and fixture construction, you can count on the advantages of 3D measuring technology and our experience. For example, the direct CAD connection with visual 3D data enables you to make a quick target/actual comparison against free-form shapes or geometric elements.

Would you like to know what advantages this form of 3D quality control offers? We have prepared a reference from the automotive industry for you, which will give you a detailed insight into various analysis options.

Calibration of industrial robots

3D measurement is our answer to the question of how industrial robots can permanently and reliably achieve the best production results. Our mobile measuring devices make it possible to determine static and dynamic parameters for every type of robot - according to ISO standards and directly at the place of use in production. Deviations can thus be detected and directly improved by calibration.

Your advantage: successful production without lack of performance!

Machine measurement & press measurement

We help you to carry out the 3D and 6D positioning work of your machines and systems economically and efficiently. 3D measuring technology enables us to quickly and effectively record every plant. In this way, our measuring teams and your assembly team can work together to implement your planning specifications for the construction and conversion of machines precisely and efficiently.


Testing and adjusting tools and devices

Set up, check, adjust - we offer you a variety of flexible solutions in the field of tool and fixture construction based on the latest 3D measuring technology. As part of your quality assurance, we carry out professional DIN standard tests of your machine tools, including volumetric compensation.

3D measurement of continuous casting plants

Extremely high accuracy, complex environmental conditions, short operating times - the sigma3D team successfully developed and implemented a measurement concept for the measurement of continuous casting plants. We will find the perfect solution for your metrological challenge!

3D measurement and adjustment of particle accelerators

Our team has many years of experience in measuring and adjusting particle accelerators for renowned customers. We create an individual measurement concept for the new installation or regular maintenance of your facility. On-site, we use a laser tracker with the latest 3D measuring technology to measure magnets and other components quickly and with the highest precision. For all positioning work, we work as one team with your employees.

Staking out hall layouts using mobile 3D measuring technology

The use of mobile 3D measurement technology enables us to capture even the largest surfaces completely as 3D data. Used for staking out hall layouts of your production halls, you benefit from reduced assembly and start-up times as well as maximum planning reliability.

Robot base measurement

Robot cell calibration is the determination of the robot's coordinate system to a superordinate system (e.g. production line, robot cell, device, ...). To determine the (= position and orientation) of a robot in a superordinate coordinate system, the robot is measured with several precise measuring points, and then the parameters for the robot control are determined through a transformation calculation.

Your advantage: robot programs created offline can be used reliably without time-consuming post-teaching work

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