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3D scanning and 3D printing for prototypes, models and spare parts

Quickly turn ideas into successful products, build tools, reproduce vintage spare parts or create models for architecture and art: Rapid prototyping with 3D printing offers you almost unlimited possibilities to easily and cost-effectively print objects from a wide variety of materials.

We create high-precision 3D scans of your objects for further digital processing and 3D printing - with state-of-the-art measuring technology, our own measuring room for reliable results and a team of experienced engineers. You benefit from over 20 years of measuring experience as well as our practical know-how gained through measuring projects in a wide range of industries. In addition, we have mobile measuring technology that allows us to measure indispensable objects and components on your premises. And: If you wish, we can then directly facilitate the realization of your 3D printing prototype in cooperation with our professional rapid prototyping service provider.

In all projects, we focus on your goals: Together we establish your individual requirements for the measurement process as well as for your 3D printing prototype. We can identify potential problems and challenges directly and advise you comprehensively on the best measurement technology as well as the right printing material and printing process. The result is comprehensive 3D data for your digital processing as well as fast and cost-effective 3D printing prototypes.

We will find the optimal solution for each of your requirements!

Your advantages at a glance

  • Professional and flexible solutions for rapid prototyping & 3D printing
  • Fast and precise 3D data creation
  • Competent consulting by team with many years of measuring experience
  • Scanning and 3D printing from one source thanks to cooperation with a rapid prototyping service provider
  • Highest reliability through in-house measuring room
  • Access to mobile measuring technology for scanning indispensable objects and components


Scan, print, deliver - together with a professional rapid prototyping service provider as a partner, we offer you the full service for the realization of your 3D printed prototype. Your advantage: With sigma3D you have a central contact and partner who can optimally implement your requirements for the scan of the original object as well as facilitate the production of your prototypes.

1. Scan & 3D data creation:

You send us your object and we scan it in our in-house measuring room. Based on the data obtained, we create a 3D model of the completely captured object and transmit it directly to our rapid prototyping service provider.

2. 3D printing prototyping:

Our rapid prototyping service provider prints your object with the requested material and conducts all required quality checks.

3. Delivery of model and data:

We will send you the finished 3D printing prototype and the original object, and provide you with all the created 3D data in the desired file format.


Our experienced engineering team creates comprehensive and precise 3D data of your object for your 3D printing. This ensures that the rapid prototyping process as well as many other application possibilities are functional at the highest possible quality level.

After we have discussed all the general conditions for your scan order together, we arrange a measurement appointment. After you have sent us your object, we scan it and deliver the created 3D data to you - depending on your requirements as section data, STL data or point clouds. In this way, you benefit from an optimal data basis for your 3D printed prototype.

Sequence of events:

Day 1: You package the object and send it to us.

Day 2: The object arrives on our premises by 10.00 a.m. and is handed over to our measuring room for optical 3D measurement.

Day 3: You receive your object back via a return order and receive the results of our 3D measurement from us.


Models and functional prototypes in record time

When it comes to bringing new products to market as quickly as possible, the answer is rapid prototyping. 3D printing allows you to quickly and flexibly create prototypes up to production readiness. This allows you to validate concepts, test functionality and fit, and significantly shorten your entire design and development cycle. In practice, this means that you save weeks to months of development time and therefore a lot of costs!

3D printed prototypes are a quick and easy solution to make ideas tangible in the truest sense of the word in the shortest possible time: In the early stages of development, simplified visual models and initial design samples help you gain valuable insights. And by using real objects instead of virtual concepts, you can convince stakeholders and gain immediate user feedback.

By using 3D printed prototypes, your development process becomes more efficient and cost-effective, and you can get your products to market faster than ever before. A truly competitive advantage!


Art object replication and restoration

Exhibitions and museums benefit from the advantages of 3D printing "prototypes" in a wide range of applications: Whether sculpture, jewelry or design object - valuable, finely structured, fragile and complex objects can easily be captured for you without physical contact by our 3D scan. This allows you to reproduce them as often as you like at low cost. This enables repeated display or making them touchable for visitors.

Furthermore, 3D printing prototyping is suitable for the documentation and restoration of art objects. For example, we can scan damaged artwork for you to create replicas of damaged parts for testing, or to print and insert replacement parts directly.


Spare parts for oldtimers and newtimers

When automobiles are no longer manufactured, the availability of replacement parts becomes more difficult and costly over time. This is where we can help you with rapid prototyping: 3D printing with a wide variety of materials such as metal or plastic makes it possible to specifically reproduce individual parts of your classic car or newtimer.

This applies to wear parts as well as to more extensive restorations: Here, for example, damaged parts can first be completely recorded and then restored as a virtual 3D model on the computer. The finished printed spare part is in no way inferior to the original in terms of design and functionality and can be easily installed.

Another possible area of application is rapid tooling: 3D printing can be used to produce special tools that enable the production of very small series of automotive parts that are no longer available.


Rapid Tooling: 3D printing of tools

Conventional tooling is time-consuming and only economically viable for high volumes. Rapid tooling offers an alternative here: 3D printing is the perfect technology for producing a wide variety of tools and tool parts quickly and easily.

Simple and complex tools for industry and production can be developed and reproduced at any time. The spectrum here ranges from deep-drawing tools to injection molding tools to pressing and stamping tools. Here you benefit in particular from the extensive experience of the sigma3D team in the precise measurement of a wide range of tools and industrial machines.

Rapid tooling 3D printing significantly shortens the production time of your tools and helps you to produce faster, thus saving costs and freeing up resources for your business development.


Architectural models

Rooms, buildings or entire districts - 3D printed prototypes are a valuable asset for architects and civil engineers. One of the main advantages here is speed: 3D drawings and plans created on the computer can be transferred into vivid physical models for you within a very short time via our rapid prototyping service provider. You can use these to optimise your planning process and to make communication with customers and partners more transparent and successful. Time-consuming and costly model building methods are now a thing of the past.

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