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Laser scanning for large objects and facilities

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Terrestrial laser scanning (TLS) for large objects and facilities

The team of sigma3D combines terrestrial laser scanning (TLS) with many years of measuring experience: We create fast, flexible and efficient 100% complete 3D data of your buildings, halls, plants and machines!

From small cars to complete factories - terrestrial laser scanning enables us to measure all structures visible from the ground with a measuring point distance of up to 1.5 mm. The complete scanning process takes only a few minutes. For larger measurement areas, several point clouds are linked together.

Your advantages at a glance

  • High-precision 3D data of your buildings, halls or facilities
  • state-of-the-art terrestrial laser scanning (TLS) for best results
  • flexible and mobile measurement on site
  • uncomplicated processing of all 3D data
  • intuitive and user-friendly 3D visualization

sigma3D Webshare Archive

Have a look at our project examples in our sigma3D webshare area!

There you will find scanning examples of e.g. an automotive plant, a radio telescope or a round sports hall.

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How does the measurement work, what is measured?

While the scanner rotates 360 degrees, a rotating mirror captures up to 1 million points per second. The result: a 1:1 image of reality in the form of a three-dimensional point cloud with millions of points. The accuracy is between 2 and 5 millimeters, depending on the object characteristics and object distance.

Optionally, we can use a camera for you during the scanning process, which makes it possible to create photorealistic 3D point clouds. This process creates optimal visualization as well as the possibility to virtually explore 3D models using VR glasses or a browser.

Terrestrial laser scanning eliminates the need for all other measurements: The 3D data completely captures the situation on site and can be processed in an uncomplicated manner and, above all, used indefinitely. This allows you to make planning, processes and visualizations efficient and accessible for your employees, partners and customers in the long term.

Areas of application for terrestrial laser scanning

Our team has many years of practical experience and has already carried out successful measurement projects all over the world. Our customers come from all areas where surfaces and objects have to be measured precisely: For example, automotive, aircraft, and mechanical engineering, power plants, film industry, computer game development, property management, construction industry, historic preservation, and museums.

From the planning and simulation of constructions to the monitoring of construction progress and mechanical equipment to the preservation of evidence - terrestrial laser scanning offers numerous advantages in a wide range of applications.


3D measurement

Terrestrial laser scanning (TLS) is the ideal replacement for the classic manual measurement with measuring tape and plumb bob: We scan your object in the interior and exterior area completely digitally and precisely - and you simply open your 3D model via your software and pick up your required dimensions at any time free of charge. A 3D measurement, also called digital measurement, ensures that nothing can be overlooked and you save time and costs for the trip to the measurement location!

Viewing the 3D scans as well as the image data is done via an internet browser in the webshare area(, so that different user groups can quickly and easily access the same database and information if required. Alternatively, a free viewer software (e.g. FARO SCENE) can be installed locally on the workstation computer of the data user, so that a better performance is achieved, especially for very extensive projects, and the measurement data are stored completely at the user.


Advantages of digital surveying:

  • Detailed and high-resolution 3D recording of the plant inventory
  • Creation of plans based on 2D sections
  • Reconstructable representation of actual conditions
  • Further evaluations up to the three-dimensional CAD model
  • Of course, we are also happy to provide you with the point clouds in the common point cloud formats: RCS, RCP, FLS, POD, PTC, PTS, PTX, XYZ, E57, ...


3D plant scan & as-built documentation

Whether machines, pipes or building parts - we scan complete factories and plants as 3D models for your documentation. With the help of mobile 3D laser scanning, we create precise point clouds with extremely high point density and transfer them via 3D modeling into a CAD model. We provide you with the captured data in the native data format of the common CAD systems (AutoCAD, Revit, Catia, NX, Creo, SolidWorks, Inventor or Me10), as well as in simple data formats (for example DXF, STEP, JT), depending on your requirements.

Digital Twin

3D scans offer a number of advantages when creating Digital Twins in industrial or BIM applications.

  1. Accuracy: 3D scans provide highly accurate data that can be used to accurately represent the physical building in the Digital Twin.
  2. Time savings: Manual data capture can be time-consuming. 3D scans enable rapid data capture, saving time and resources.
  3. Overview: 3D scans provide a comprehensive overview of the building structure, which is helpful for planning and executing projects.
  4. Documentation: 3D scans serve as documentation for the current condition of the building and can be used later for comparison and analysis.
  5. Collaboration: With digital twins, different stakeholders can access a common model and work together, regardless of their location.
  6. Problem solving: Digital twins enable on-site identification and resolution of building problems before they lead to costly repairs.


Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Building Information Modeling (BIM) enables architects, designers, engineers, manufacturers, CGI experts, developers and contractors to collaborate optimally via a 3D building information model. The effect: projects can be designed, constructed and managed more efficiently and accurately. Terrestrial laser scanning enables you to create a factually accurate foundation that captures and extends the required dimensions of complex environments and geometries for your BIM.

Collision Analysis & Target/Actual Comparison

Terrestrial laser scanning is not only the ideal solution for checking the actual condition of components and complete plants: Complete 3D data also enables you to perform a realistic simulation for installation, modification and transport. As a project manager, you can thus optimally plan a collision-free and safe process - without losing time and money due to unforeseen complications.


Create site plan

If you need a 2D or 3D site plan, the survey should be as precise and comprehensive as necessary. Do you want to plan a new plant into your old inventory or do you want to provide reliable plans to external companies? Based on our laser scans, we can easily create site plans for you as simple point cloud sections or 2D/3D site plans in the form of CAD data. This allows you to see at a glance where you might be able to make alterations or optimize the use of premises.

Preservation of evidence

In the event of damage, it often proves very difficult to delineate construction-related damage. Our team can support you in an early independent evidence procedure with modern measuring methods and years of experience!

We carry out a documentation of the building condition for you in order to determine building defects before, during and after the building acceptance. Terrestrial laser scanning and aerial photography with UAV enable us to combine exact geometric data with high-resolution image data as a means of preserving evidence.

This procedure provides you with an easily comprehensible and objective result. Here, for example, different measurement epochs can be compared with each other via a graphically descriptive 3D difference image.

Advantages for your evidence collection:

  • Digitized from zero hour
  • Secure evidence and prevent loss of evidence
  • Secure court findings
  • Limit the statute of limitations
  • Avoid legal disputes and settlements
  • Comprehensible and clear measurement results
  • More efficient follow-up measurements

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