Volumetric compensation of machine tools

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Increase the accuracy of your machine tools easily and quickly!

Best possible quality, minimum scrap, less downtime - the accuracy of your machine tools is crucial for efficient and competitive production. With our special measurements for volumetric compensation, we offer you the perfect way to ensure and significantly increase your machine accuracy.

How does it work? We measure the geometric tolerance of your machine tools with a high-precision LaserTRACER measuring device - and can compensate all volumetric deviations directly in terms of control technology. Our specialized measuring systems for machine tools can be used flexibly for 3D machines of the most diverse design, size and accuracy. In most cases, we work with Siemens VCS (Volumetric Compensation System) software in cooperation with our customers, but we can also perform volumetric compensation with other control systems.

Our team carries out all the necessary check measurements for you on site regularly and flexibly in terms of time, with which you can quickly and reliably ensure the accuracy of your machines!

Your advantages at a glance:

  • More efficient production and quality assurance of your 3D machine tools through volumetric compensation.
  • Increase machine accuracy for less scrap and downtime.
  • Open up new orders with low tolerances without new acquisitions.
  • Measure machine tools with minimum tolerances via LaserTRACER.
  • Experienced engineering team with extensive know-how in a wide range of industries
  • Fast and flexible inspection measurements with minimum downtimes
  • Individual measuring systems for machine tools with an axis length of one meter or more


Fast and flexible measurements throughout Germany

Our large team of experienced engineers can carry out volumetric compensation of your machine tools on a regular basis and throughout Germany at your company's location.

Depending on the type and size of the machine, we usually need two or more working days for planning, measurement setup with LaserTRACER and measurement. As soon as we have carried out the first measurement, further regular checks take considerably less time. We always adapt to your production requirements and can also measure flexibly at weekends and at night to ensure the shortest possible downtimes.


Requirements for volumetric compensation of your machine tools

For volumetric compensation, we measure the linear axes of your machine tools and determine the deviation parameters as length measurements based on the laser shaft runout.

Our measuring systems for machine tools with LaserTRACER are primarily suitable for 3D machines. 2D machines are only suitable for this specialized measurement to a very limited extent. As standard, we can measure machine tools with an axis length of 1 to 15 meters - for even larger ones, we will find an individual solution. Ideally, your machine has a Siemens control system, as we work with the data format of the Siemens VCS (Volumetric Compensation System) software as standard.

Another decisive factor for successful volumetric compensation via laser measurement: Machine tools must be measured under stable environmental conditions, for example with regard to temperature and vibrations.

Step by step: Measurement and volumetric compensation in detail

In the first step, our team positions a LaserTRACER in the machine volume: a tracking interferometer that allows us to measure 3D coordinates of object points via laser with an accuracy of 0.2 to 0.3 micrometers per meter (µm/m). In addition, a CatEye reflector is attached to the effective point of your machine tool.

A previously defined measuring program then starts and your machine tool is measured along an automated measuring path. The machine is stopped at pre-programmed spatial grid positions and the LaserTRACER measures at standstill. This measurement is repeated at four to six different positions.

Based on the length information, all existing axis errors can then be calculated: These include errors of position, straightness, pitch, yaw, roll and squareness. All existing errors are then fed into the control system as compensation parameters. For this purpose, we usually use the data format of the Siemens VCS (Volumetric Compensation System) software. After the volumetric compensation has been completed, we carry out another test measurement of your machine tool. Done! You can resume production with the highest possible accuracy.

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